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We are the

Harvard Opportunes


First-runner ups at the Northeast Semifinals for the International Championship of Collegiate Acapella

—2018 at Boston symphony Hall—

Including two Outstanding Soloist Awards

"The most notable strength of the group is their depth of talent"

-Recorded A Cappella Review Board


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We would like to present the NEWEST MEMBERS OF THE OPPORTUNES FAMILY!!

Carly Tiras

Nico Barlos

Hirsh Sisodia

Ben Dreier


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Harvard's oldest All-Gender a cappella group




The Opportunes are Harvard's oldest (and boldest) all-gender a cappella group, bringing you the best that collegiate a cappella has to offer from Harvard since 1980. Our style ranges from the soulful stylings of Alicia Keys to the powerful pop beats of Lady Gaga, all the way to the funky classics of Marvin Gaye and the groovy anthems of Michael Jackson. Catch us at one of our many events on campus and around the world, or book us today and we'll come to you!

Can't wait to see us live? Check our latest studio album, All Afternoon, available on Spotify and iTunes! We also have dozens of other videos on our YouTube channel, including our award-winning 2018 ICCA set. There's something for everyone, so be sure to take a listen!


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