Welcome Opportunes Alumni!

Visit this page for all things alum. We'll be updating this page frequently to keep you all up to date, especially with the latest updates about our big initiatives! Be sure to check out our Events Page to see if the Opportunes are performing near you, and if not, Contact Us and have us bring a performance to you!


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With the immense success of the past 37 years, we're looking ahead to help continue the growth of the Opportunes for years to come. The 35th Anniversary sparked some awesome new initiatives that the current group and its alumni are heading together to help maintain our tradition of excellence. Check them out below!


1. The Opportunes Classics Repertoire:

A repertoire of 15 songs that span the years of the group, highlighting the songs that we'll never forget. The current group and groups to come will be learning these songs so that these classic songs will hold their rightful place in the Opportunes set forever. Check out the Classics Repertoire here!

2. The Opportunes Endowment:

For a group of such long-term success, the time has come to start thinking about our finances long-term as well. With a cohort of our alums, we've taken the steps to begin the creation of an Opportunes Endowment that will allow for greater financial flexibility as we further grow as a group. For more information on the endowment and how to donate, click here!

3. The Opportunes Shared Interest Group and Alumni Advisory Board

With such a large and talented base of alums, we've decided to create an Opportunes Shared Interest Group within the Harvard Alumni Association. This will give us a more formal alumni organization with an official Alumni Advisory Board to help the group consult on its long term interests and legacy. You can add your contact information and indicate your interest in being a part of the Alumni Advisory Board here!





Anniversary Success!

The Opportunes celebrated their 35th anniversary in style this year, bringing together decades of Opportunes to relive some of their greatest memories and make some incredible music. We loved seeing so many of you and connecting across generations! Thank you to all who made the reunion a tremendous success. 





We always welcome alumni donations, so if you're feeling generous, we'd love your help! All donations go towards funding the Opportunes Endowment, which helps fund our performance, travel, recording, and other logistic expenses. Click here to support us!