Thanks to the continued support of our friends, fans, and alumni, we can keep producing amazing live and recorded music to share with all of you.

Most recently, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the production of our upcoming studio album.  After only a month, we walked away with $8500 (a full thousand dollars above our initial goal) to help cover recording and editing!  Below is a list of people who donated to this campaign.  We thank you all for helping us capture so many great moments from the past two years on this album and spread our music to more and more listeners - we couldn't do it without you!

Kickstarter Campaign Contributors

(donated $500 or more to the campaign)

Alyssa Ba
Maria Carmona
Jude and Lorraine Kearney


Fiona Andren
Ebele Anidi
Brian Aoyama
Erin Aoyama
Greg Basser & Kiera O'Neill
Constantin Basturea
Lori Beaudoin
Debbie Bernstein
Zachary Bernstein
Matthew Blumenthal
Rick Brown
Lisa Brsiley
Stephanie Campbell
Bob Carmona
Brian Connolly
Betty L Copeland
Jon Cunningham
Nikki Damuth
Joan Dea
Elysa Del Guercio
Matt Devino
John Diana
Josip Divic
Nevena Divic
Andrew Donald
Ben Donald
JN Fang
Jill Feasley
Pilar Fitzgerald
Ciaran Foley
Sean Frazzette
Maureen Girard
Richard B Goetz
Jamal Gorrick
Jon Gregory
Marc Guinez
Kari Huber
Andrea and Liv Hughes
Caleb Irvine
Daniel Kang
Jennifer Kigar
Gordon Kraft-Todd
Kyle Kwong
Victoria Larson
Dashell Laryea

Aili Lazaar
Rebecca Leong
Nicole Leyland
Sam Linden
Nick Liquigli
Annie Macmillan
Joanne Mahoney
Jon Moldafsky
Tara Montgomery
Daniel Mufson
Joseph O'Neill
Yinka Ogunbiyi
Allie Pace
Karim Adrien Pirbay
Leah Reis-Dennis
Judy Rhodes
Bryan Rowan
David Sagal
Liz Sagal
McNally Sagal
Susan Schaffer
Char Woods Silberg
Aron Silverstone
Danny Simon
Slide Identity Inc.
Dana and Rob Smith
Penelope Smith
Preeti Srinivasan
Meredith Beaton Starr
Kathleen Stetson
James Stockwell
Keith Tobias
Peter & Cathie Trogdon
Carolina Toth
Karen Valenzuela
Lisa Vander Meer-Mervenne
Jeffrey and Gigi Van Erp
Penny Vavura
Catherine Warten
Bill Weber
Debi Weiss
Michael Wertheim
Katherine Wiant
Amanda Wyatt
Charlie Zhang


Still interested in sponsoring the Opportunes but missed our Kickstarter campaign? Please reach out to us about becoming a corporate sponsor, or donate to the Opportunes today from our contact page.