To Donate: 


1. Click here

2. When prompted to select a fund, please select "Other."

3. In the box for comments, please type "Harvard Opportunes 330275."


Via Check:

Checks should be made payable to “Harvard University” or “President and Fellows of Harvard College” with "The Harvard Opportunes" in the memo line of the check. Terms or a brief description of the gift purpose should also be included. The check should be mailed directly to Ratna Gill at:

177 Lowell Mail Center

10 Holyoke Place

Cambridge, MA 02138




Frequently Asked Questions


What does it mean to become part of Harvard's endowment?

Joining Harvard’s endowment means that the College will invest our savings along with the rest of its endowment, and the dividends will come to us. The fund typically earns interest of 4% per year, which we would be able to use to fund our activities.


Why are we trying to establish an endowment?

Having an endowment will allow the Opportunes more flexibility financially, musically, developmentally, and visually.

Not having to worry about travel costs will give us the flexibility to engage in gigs that are directly related to causes the group is passionate about, like fundraisers, a cappella workshops at local schools, and gigs across the country.

We will also will be able to more effectively and efficiently disseminate our music by recording with greater frequency and at a higher quality and by performing live for a whole host of audiences previously thought inaccessible. We will have the freedom to expand our reach with the help of professional equipment and transportation options.

Developmentally, having the flexibility afforded by an endowment will free the group from its current focus on finances, enabling us to continue building the Opportunes brand as an integral part of the Harvard community and its legacy. We will also be able to engage in a long-lasting dialogue with alumni who share our memories of the Opportunes’ past and vision of the Opportunes’ future.

We will also be able to fund the production of professional quality music videos, submit to online competitions with ease, gain a steady and growing following on social media and YouTube, and produce visual content (album artwork, posters, programs, etc.) that conveys our brand, our style, and our history!


How much money needs to be raised to become an official endowment?

To turn the gift fund that we currently have within the Harvard College Fund into an endowment, we need to reach a minimum of $100,000. This will allow us to integrate our funds into Harvard’s endowment and earn interest. In the long term, we hope to surpass this $100,000 threshold so that future groups can build their budgets around the interest accrued through the endowment.


How do I make a donation?

The easiest way to donate is to click here. This will take you to the general page for Harvard Giving. In the drop-down menu of funds within the Harvard College Fund, select “Other.” And lastly, in the box that says “Comments/Other Designation,” type "Harvard Opportunes 330275." Enter your personal and payment information, and you’re all done. Thank you for your support!


Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes! Giving to the Opportunes gift fund is just giving to a subset of the Harvard College Fund, so your donation will be tax-deductible.


What size of donation is expected?

There is no expected donation size -- anything helps, and we appreciate any support you can give! Whatever you are able to contribute makes a difference in our effort, and we hope that our large network of alums will come together to make reaching our threshold that much easier. You can also show your support by spreading the word to your Opportunes friends!


Does giving to the Opportunes' endowment fund count as a gift to the University?

Yes! By donating to the Opportunes gift fund, you are demarcating a donation to Harvard to go toward supporting the Opportunes, and you will receive recognition from the university for doing so.


Can I get involved beyond giving a donation?

Yes! We are in the process of creating an Opportunes Shared Interest Group within the Harvard Alumni Association. Eventually this will establish an Opportunes Alumni Advisory Board to communicate with the current group regarding its long term interests and legacy. The best way to stay involved is updating your contact information so we can easily stay in touch with you. You can add your information and indicate your interest in being a part of the Alumni Advisory Board here